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K&B Wireless

Welcome :Thank you for visit our website! Our company history, the products and services we offer. Descriptions of our locations and as well as the large subagent base we provide to the consumers.

Our company strives to provide the ultimate wireless experience. Our sales representatives are skilled and highly trained and are willing to go the extra mile for a customer and or a sub-dealer of our company.

Our support and service go unmatched in many areas. Feel free to look around gather any information you need, and then even if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime. I would like to thank you again for visiting us here at K&B Wireless and hope you have a wonderful experience.

Initiated : In 1998 K&B Wireless Communications, Inc. has been aggressively taking the wholesale market as its main business operation, providing cellular services and products to retailers in the Philadelphia market.

By utilizing sensible business tactics and cultivating all possible potentialities in the market, K&B Wireless Communications, Inc. has planned, implemented, and undergone prosperous growth by keeping the facet of customer service as our top core competency.

With this realization, K&B Wireless Communications, Inc. ventured into the retail operations.

Now focused in both the retail and wholesale markets, K&B Wireless Communications, Inc. strives to provide not only outstanding customer service, but also the best in products. With a diverse corporate culture and strong working infrastructure, K&B Wireless Communications, Inc. seeks to explore, interpenetrate, and expand into markets where our services are desired.

Our Vision : K&B Wireless Communication, Inc. is emerging as the leading nationwide telecommunications provider to a diverse set of customers in the U.S. by offering powerful but easy to use communications alternatives and employing the latest technological advance.

Goal : By utilizing our optimistic and visionary projection of the future, our intent is to provide outstanding service on every level.

Thank you for your business